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Monday, 14 April 2014

Drawing and Talking .... take two :)

After the success of our session last week, we were keen to use the same technique with the students again before the holidays.  This time we took notice of the noise created by many students recording all at the same time, and spread them out among the classroom with some of the more able students working outside or in the corridor so the videos had less background noise.

We used the experiences of the weekend for today's session and again scaffolded the activity by demonstrating with the students what they had to do.  Michelle did this, drawing on an experience from her weekend cooking dinner.  We started with a pair-share activity so students could share with a friend what they had done in the weekend and then many were able to complete this task independently and add detail to their story.  It was extremely interesting to note that some students copied what Michelle had done rather than drawing about their own weekend (despite us specifically telling them to draw about their own weekends) - some managed to try again and successfully produce a story about their own weekend on the second attempt.

This is something we will continue to use as an activity into the new term as we can see huge improvements in the oral language.

Here is a sample from the stories created today:

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