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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

QR SUCCESS and some tweaks :)

Yesterday afternoon we discussed QR codes and how they worked.  Using the Apple TV we used just one of the codes for our Commonwealth website (New Zealand) and I modelled how to scan the code to bring up the webpage.  After having a brief look at that page as a whole class on the Apple TV, all students had a go reading the QR code and exploring the page on their individual device.

Today, was an opportunity for the learners to explore the rest of the site, using their iPads to select a QR code from our topic wall.

The enthusiasm and engagement both Michelle and I observed in the learners over the 45 minute session was amazing!  Not only were they keen to use the QR Reader, but they had the opportunity to choose which code they scanned.  In giving the learners this choice, it was interesting to see the selections that were made - some learners made their choice based on the images around the code, while others randomly selected a code.  Others were influenced by what their peers had scanned with several learners coming back to the topic board to be shown which code to scan.  Importantly, the learners were equally as engaged when they were interacting with the material on the webpages as when they were scanning the codes!

As with anything tried for the first time, there were a few things that needed to be tweaked!  One of the codes didn't work - I'd blue tacked the codes to the wall so it was easy to take that code down until I could replace it tomorrow.  I also discovered that the Explain Everything projects embedded onto the bottom of the pages were not able to be downloaded (despite testing)!  After some thought I've circumvented this problem by creating QR codes that link learners directly to the projects in Google Drive - these codes will be blue so they are easily recognisable and we can have learners scan the blue codes when we are ready for them to complete these activities!

I think I was the most unpopular teacher at Pt England School this afternoon when I told the learners they had to pack up for the day - just as well we have a whole term to explore!  Based on today, QR codes are here to stay in Class 20!

Our Commonwealth Site was created using Google Sites.  We are using QR Code Reader by Scan, Inc on our iPads.  I used QR Code Generator to create out QR codes.

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  1. What a great idea Karen. Who would have thought that 5 year olds could be such pros at this?