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Monday, 18 May 2015

Using a DLO to capture learning

Sometimes lessons don't go as planned - the reality of teaching!  I had a recent writing lesson where the progress exceeded my expectations but as a result, the learning wasn't easily able to be captured.  The intention had been to create a small group story and have the learners contribute to the story, and locate the high frequency words which formed part of the story.  However, all learners were able to successfully craft their own story and wrote these on their small whiteboards.  I then had some great progress which I wanted to capture - without the learners having to copy it into their writing books - Explain Everything again was the solution.

The learners were able to not only take a photograph of their story as a record of this learning, but then read their story using the record feature so their voice was also captured.

I also was able to post their learning onto their own personal blogs as a record for the future.  While we are not using these blogs in class yet (it is my intention to do this later this year), because I have access to the blogs of all learners in my classroom, I'm able to occasionally add artefacts to their blogs to document their learning journey - I'm looking forward to reviewing the blogs of some of my learners in 8 years time when they are in Year 7 & 8 of the school, and more importantly, they will be able to go back and see how their learning journey at Pt England begun - visible learning!

Links to the learners blogs are available here and here

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