Welcome to my blog! I'm Karen Belt, a teacher and leader of digital learning, working at Lynmore Primary School in Rotorua, New Zealand. I'm teaching in a Year 2 class using iPads to engage and motivate learners and improve student achievement. This blog documents my teaching journey and my learning processes with iPads in the classroom. I've proud of having been a member of the inaugural Manaiakalani Digital Teaching Academy(MDTA) program and last year a Spark Manaiakalani Innovative Teacher (MIT) and Manaiakalani Google Class OnAir teacher.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Encouraging comments from parents

As part of my Spark Manaiakalani Innovative Teacher (MIT) goals this year, I want to encourage parents to not only read, but comment on their learners blogs.  This is because my students most value the opinions of those that are closest to them - their whanau.

During our meet the teacher session last month I talked to many of the parents about this and this week I've sent home a bookmark with details of how to access not only their tamariki's blog but also the Parent Portal (a feature of Hapara Teacher Dashboard).  As many parents will be accessing from their phones or tablets, I included a QR code as a fast way to get to the blogs.

I'm delighted to say that already I've noticed comments appearing on my learners blogs.  In order to safe guard my learners I receive an email of all comments and am delighted that some of the comments are coming from whanau as well as other learners at Pt England School.

We often share the comments as a whole class but learners are also able to access them as part of our reading rotation.  For viewers of my blog, if you'd like to check out the blogs of my learners (and leave them a comment) they would love to here from you.  All my learners blogs can be accessed from this page.


  1. The kids must get such a kick out of having Mum comment on their work. Good job Karen.

    1. They sure do! My learners have received quite a few comments recently which we share and its definitely motivating them to continue posting!