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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Auckland GAFE Summit 2018 Ignite Session

To Auckland GAFE Summit finishes with four Ignite sessions, each 5 minutes each.

Dorothy Burt - Creativity Empowers Learning
A few things have been assigned to the bin - so its now an exciting time! Once again we are exploring equity and students having access to all they need to learn.  How have we lost the ideas that worked 60 years ago?  Create and be creative - it might look different with robots and coding but the messages are still the same.  We can't go from our planning to the child's mind .... for the most part, the rewrites need to address those learners that need slightly longer - by applying and creating.  It can get noisy and messy - but its empowering!  Think and plan outside of our comfort zone.  Engage, then empower using creativity.   Plan for opportunities to be creative - free up time and empower students to create more - hook through active participation!

Anthony Speranza - Hope about what is possible
Change is hard but necessary in our job.  What makes a good learner?  We are experts as teachers and we understand how learning occurs but is it happening?  Is the teacher the one in control in the classroom? How can you change it?  Why do children want to 'check out' of school?  We should be encouraging learning and engage learners in school.  What is the 'seduction' of technology?  Unpacking the why could help us engage and motivate those learners. 

Learners need:

  • content
  • motivation
  • skills
This requires us as teachers to take risks and be vulnerable!  If learners need to take risks then good teachers and leaders should also take risks.  We need to create an environment where they are comfortable to take risks.  Leaders need to grow a culture where teachers feel they can take risks.

When will the extraordinary become ordinary?

Dorothy Apelu - Supporting students to become better writers using blogs
Blogs enable a history of a child's learning for future teachers.  Three focus areas;

  • engaging contexts - that matter!
  • writing strategies - from other teachers and schools that had success
  • blog posts 
Blog posts enable learners to share their learning but the value of face to face is also important - sharing across schools or classes.  Authentic audiences can be other students in the class or old teachers - getting more feedback!  Posts were shared with a local MP, who responded! This also showed that students could see they could have an impact.

Stuart Kelly - In the Classroom I am ......

  • aptitude
  • attitude
  • altitude
  • storyteller
  • explorer
  • collaborator
  • advocate
  • performer
I am .... teacher ... learner .... you!  WE!

What a great couple of days, connecting, networking, learning and exploring.  Thanks to the #EdTechTeam for the opportunity!

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