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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Couch PD - New Seesaw feature - Multiple Page Feature

A wet and cold Sunday morning in Rotorua provided the perfect opportunity to catch up on some Professional Development that I missed earlier this week about a great new Seesaw feature.

I use Seesaw with my learners frequently, particularly to showcase the great learning that occurs daily by Learning Through Play.  Often I use the activity feature to show the learners understanding of different strategy's or concepts that we have been learning.  One of the things with using this feature was that you could only include one page - that all changes from now and I'm excited to start creating (and have my learners create) using multiple pages!

The PD session showcased how to launch the multiple pages and what would happen from a student and teachers perspective when it was launched (from either the drawing, upload or photo option)!  I think this will be great to capture the learning in the playground also as I often upload directly to Seesaw while I'm observing the learning through play.

I've updated my own iPad to the new version as well as the class iPads and am off to create my first activity, for learners to show what we have been learning in geometry last week around using directional language to give directions!

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