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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Bringing together experiences

As we begin to explore our "Move it, Move it" topic for the term we are thinking about technology that we see that makes our life easier.  Over the past week we have seen the use of a pulley in two different instances - at the Zoo to raise the bird feeding station off the ground so the pests can not get the food, and at assembly when Mr J demonstrated using a pulley to life a very heavy item.

Today as a motivation for our writing we borrowed Mr J's pulley and had a photo of the pulley from the Zoo.  Students took turns using the pulley in our classroom to lift our bucket of fruit before sharing with their pair their ideas on how the pulley worked.

As these ideas were shared back with the whole class we recorded these ideas on the whiteboard with Michelle repeating and clarifying each idea for understanding.  This also introduced vocabulary words associated with the pulley system.  Finally we finished our session today with a small sentence about the use of the pulley in the zoo which we will expand on tomorrow.

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