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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Exploring the Samsung Magic

It was wonderful to be part of a MDTA visit to the showroom at Samsung.  As part of this great opportunity we were given an introduction to some of their amazing products - the curved TV had to be seen to be believed!!!  The products featured in the showroom included the televisions as well as kitchen and laundry appliances - the fridge with the clever door which opened a secret compartment was amazing!

The curved screen television had a terrific picture!

We had the opportunity to "play" with a Samsung tablet and have the experts share some of the great features.  I was particularly taken with the way you can connect your phone to your tablet and access the phone via your tablet (even if the phone was in a different room!)  It was great for me personally to explore the android version of Explain Everything and see that the functionality is very similar to the iOS version.  The picture quality on the tablet was definitely impressive!

Learning from the experts

Samsung shared information with us about their worldwide company and the divisions they have, and how they are constantly researching and developing to update their products.  We had the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback.

MDTAs with Samsung staff in the Samsung showroom

After a scrumptious lunch which Samsung provided for us, we enjoyed a Skype session (on a 75" screen!) with the developer of Trailblazer - a Google Chrome app which we have been given access to - which helps us create search paths when we search using Google.  It will be great to try out this tool in the coming weeks.

The Skype session

Samsung provided us with an amazing experience and I certainly left with a huge "wish list" - top of my list is the Samsung Galaxy s5 smartphone, which will actually survive if you drop it in water! Definitely on my to be purchased sometime soon list!  Thanks to Samsung for making us so welcome and sharing your amazing technology with us!

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