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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Who is more excited ... me or my learners?

So I'm filming for our class Manaiakalani Film Festival movie tomorrow!!  I've spent my release today finalising my props, taking some green screen test shots and experimenting with my backgrounds in iMovie!

Many of the learners brought the remainder of their costumes into school today and they are all very excited about the filming tomorrow - I wonder if they realise that they may have to do things again and again to get it right!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day and a learning curve for me - I've been told to take "much more" footage than I could ever use so that I have plenty to choose from in the editing process.   There will be learning happening all day, not just for me, but for my learners also.  Many of them have spent days learning their lines at home and practicing with family members - they are enthusiastic participants in this journey.

Above all, I want my learners to enjoy the experience - they can't wait to dress up into their costumes and have their turn in our green room.   I do think the hardest concept for them to understand is the "editing process", which could take me a few weeks to do - they will be wanting to see themselves immediately!  I hope the wait will be worth it when they see themselves on the big screen at Sylvia Park!

So, with a final check of props, lines and costumes, I look forward to tomorrow, and hope that we have as much fun filming as Class 20 expects us to.  We've made movies in our class before (we appeared on PENN today in fact!) but this is different - this time we get to dress up and become fairy tales characters .... we should all get to play make believe at least once a year!

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