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Monday, 2 March 2015

Action Plan ... the theory behind my Inquiry

My Pt England inquiry is around developing independent higher order thinking activities for Year 1s to support reading.  My recent assignment on my Digital Enhancement paper complements this inquiry and the presentation that I gave to my MDTA colleagues last week showcases many of the ideas I'm trying to incorporate into my inquiry.

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Link to presentation

Following the unpacking I undertook in my presentation, I've identified my next steps to be:

  • Scaffold the icons on Explain Everything projects so learners identify with them and understand that they are a way of directing which tool they need to use for each project
  • Unpack and scaffold with the whole class my "Wanted Poster" activity. I want to compare the progress that learners make when they complete this activity once a week, on a variety of books all term.  Comparisons will be made weekly to see the degree of detail in both the picture and accompanying oral language as well as comparing week 5 with the final week of term.
  • Continue to unpack Explain Everything activities with reading and continue to introduce complexity as learners grasp each step
I'm looking forward to introducing the Wanted poster with my learners and scaffolding it in a way to encourage oral language and asking learners to think about the character and how they made them feel.

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