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Monday, 17 August 2015

Introducing more tools!

I often use our Inquiry time to introduce more of the Explain Everything tools to my learners as I can then use these tools in other curriculum areas.

Last week I introduced some of the features on the inspector menu to my learners - duplicate, copy and paste.  As part of our inquiry topic, "Trade and Enterprise" we are learning about NZ currency and identifying the different notes and coins.  After talking about each denomination each learner took a photo of one note (play money which looks like the real thing!) and we used this photo to duplicate.

During the second lesson I introduced the copy and paste concept.  It was interesting to see that by not copying a new note, learners were pasting the first note they copied.  We were able to discuss this as a whole class and they could understand the concept of making sure the note you were copying had a dotted line around it first, otherwise the first note you copied was the one that pasted onto the new slide.  As with any new skill, the learners will need to continually practice this skill over the coming days to ensure its embedded and I look forward to providing many ways for them to do this across all curriculum areas.

Its always great to see how excited the learners are when being introduced to new tools and how quickly they pick up new concepts.  The plan is to extend this duplicating to create patterns with the money later this week.  I will provide one slide with a photo of all the notes and coins and learners will be able to copy, paste and duplicate this to create patterns and manipulate the different currencies.  I hope this will also help learners to understand concepts such as 10 x 10c = $1.00.  

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