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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Another way to add Sound Bites to Explain Everything projects

One of the things I really love about sharing my ideas via this blog is others sharing back and suggesting ideas and different ways of doing things.  One such suggestion came from Innes Kennard who suggested I give QuickVoice a try for adding sound bites.  While I do like Garage Band, after trying QuickVoice, I found it much quicker to add the sound bites than using Garage Band.  The simplicity of QuickVoice allows me to record my soundbites and insert them into Explain Everything quickly.

This short screencast shows how I use QuickVoice, including a trick for recording if you have a longer instruction and you'd like to include exactly what you have written on your Explain Everything project word for word.

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  1. Karen's explanation of the longer recording is spot on. This is a great time to use the four finger left / right swipe.
    You can have multiple sound files on a slide. Limited on iPads 2-4 but I think up to 16 on an Air. Multiple uses