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Thursday, 20 April 2017

GAFE Day 1 - Demo Slam Reimagined

This year the Demo Slam was slightly different to previous years.  Each presenter was given 2 minutes to prepare and then 2 minutes to present after being given one of the random Key Competencies to present on based on Richard Well's KC image:

The Demo is extremely fast paced, so I've tried to include as much detail as possible for each:

Demo 1: Participate 
Import an HTML table directly into Google Sheets directly from a website.
Into a cell type the following:  =IMPORTHTML(URL, query, index)
URL - The URL of the page to examine, including protocol (e.g. http://).
The value for URL must either be enclosed in quotation marks or be a reference to a cell containing the appropriate text.
Query - Either "list" or "table" depending on what type of structure contains the desired data. index - The index, starting at 1, which identifies which table or list as defined in the HTML source should be returned.

Demo 2: Participate
Use a table in Google Docs to encourage participation - each learner can then type into their own box.
Todaysmeet.com - open a new room and determine how long its open for.  Learners are able to select a nickname and post comments in the room - extremely engaging for learners.

Demo 3: Clarity
Google Image Search extras.  When searching for an image, select the more button to access these options.  Under colour, select "transparent" to search for only images that give a transparent background or "animated" to select .gifs which are animated.
CraftyRights chrome extension - the ability to set your image search to only produce images that are free to use.

Demo 4:  Manage
Using Google Forms to encourage learners to be reflective and show progress over time - the example showed how their reflections changed from just a simple sentence, or even N/A to full paragraphs over a term.

Demo 5:  Empathy
Do you struggle with showing YouTube clips in the classroom because the "up next" suggestions are inappropriate, or the comments are not appropriate for your learners?  These great ideas remove the 'other videos' suggestions and comments.
viewpure.com - simply copy in the YouTube link to play or
put in "_popup" to in the URL to achieve the same effect e.g. from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmJ-4B-mS-Y to https://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=OmJ-4B-mS-Y

Demo 6:  Participate
Te Kete Maori app is an introduction to Maori culture and some of its key phrases, customs and songs. The kete includes commonly used words and phrases, some basic written greetings, and helpful tips such as how to greet visiting business delegations, and steps for a basic powhiri. To aid pronunciation, audio guides are also provided: simply touch on any Maori word, phrase or song to hear it said out loud.

Demo 7:  Thinking
An online quiz maker (similar to Kahoot) quizizz.com/

Demo 8:  Participate
Google Forms using "Get a Prefill Link".  Using Google Sheets you are able to simply change for each learner and automatically create a QR code for each learner.

Following this initial round of Demo Slamming, the four winners then competed again, this time with  1 minute to prepare and 1 minute to present.

Demo 9:  Manage
Bitmoji to share how you are feeling.  Bitmoji's drag easily into the Google Suite e.g. Hangouts, Slides, Docs

Demo 10: Manage
StayFocused chrome extension - block websites you set for a nominated period of time.  Chrome will prevent you getting access to the websites, allowing you to complete your tasks without distraction. Google Calendar - find a time in others calendars quickly using the find time feature.

Demo 11:  Thinking
Do you struggle with drawing?  Using autodraw it a quick and easy way to turn yourself into an artist.  My second look at this website today, and I can think of many ways it will be really effective in the classroom.

Demo 12:  Thinking
How many times have you been asked by a colleague, "how do you recover a deleted file in Google Drive?"  Have you ever wanted to just say "lmgtfy"!!  There answers is as simple as this!

A great way to end the first day at GAFE 2017 and I'm really looking forward to Day 2!

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