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Saturday, 26 June 2021

Structured Literacy UnConference

The Structured Literacy UnConference today was really inspiring and backed up many of the things that I am currently doing in my classroom.  

Big Ideas

Structured literacy is most important for those learners in the orange and red zone in the Ladder of Reading.    

Lesson Ideas

  • Struggling learners need to interact with the sounds and ideas ideally 2 - 3 times a day - how can this be incorporated into my timetable?
  • A4 laminated sheet with the 5 vowels and picture visible during all lessons

Structure of the lesson is always:
  • Review (the letters/sounds from previous levels)
  • Explicit Teaching
  • Student Practice
  • Application
Explicit teacher always includes I Do, We Do, You Do and is specific, clear and direct.

Ideas for Review:
  • Zip through the sounds from earlier packs quickly
  • Heart words - say and spell and say again e.g. my  m_y  my
  • Word cards from previous levels/teaching

Ideas for Specific Teaching:
  • Use of Google Slides (even on the iPad to support lessons, particularly with higher levels)
  • Use different colours for new spelling patterns and underline each sound with a dot and new sounds with a dash
  • Use of your full arm for blending - going down the arm
  • Use of a metal tray with the magnetic letters - red letters for vowels
  • Introduce only one new sound each day
  • For new letters, picture cards starting with that letter e.g. yak, yellow, yoghurt

Ideas for Student Practice:
  • Student practices words (encoding)
  • Ensure explicit teaching on how to write a sentence as part of dictation (from approx. level 3)
  • Mix this up each day e.g. dictated sentences/read a book
Ideas for Application:
  • Read and sort words - could do this via Seesaw
  • Pictures to encode - again, could be done via Seesaw
  • Speed words - these could be sent home

Ideas for Sending Home for Further Practice:
  • Speed words e.g. from the back of the books sent home for further practice
  • Heart words
  • Word building sheets (to be shared)
  • Games to play at home (with notes on specific teaching)
  • Little Learners Love Literacy app - stage 1 is free but rest can be purchased
  • Reading fans

Further Readings and Research

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