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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

..... and more Explain Everything!

I can fast see this being our "go to" app as it has so many uses!  Today Michelle and I briefly brainstormed some ways we wanted to use this over the coming weeks:

  • Number 1 - 9 for students to trace over (useful for students that cannot form their numbers yet) - students can say the numbers as they trace over them
  • Numbers 1 - 5 for students to put in the correct order - again students can say the number as they put them in order
  • Before/After numbers for students to move the numbers to the correct place
  • Full alphabet for students to trace over as they say the alphabet
  • All the lower case letters for students to use to make High Frequency Words

Today we introduced the Google Drive to the students as a way to share a EE project for them to work on which we have previously created.  The instructions worked really well and students were immediately engaged at their individual level (some students were tracing over numbers as they said them, some were sorting numbers into the correct order while others were concentrating on before/after).  The great thing about this was different students could be working on the same activity and we were able to look at their learning later in the day and review what they had done!  We also had students that were able to find a quiet place in the room and share what they had achieved.  This sample completed by Kahurangi was one of these - he completed it independently after a teacher led session!

Other work was collected while working with the teacher:

And this sample was completed independently after first working with the teacher:

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